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защита природы защита природы - Save India's Elephants From Abuse!
Сегодня - 24 Октябрь 2018, Среда
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Save India's Elephants From Abuse!

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Thousands of elephants in India are mistreated by their owners, who beat them and exploit them for money. These gentle giants don't deserve to be abused!
Please sign the petition today! Save India's Elephants From Abuse!
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Dear Friends, 

You've probably heard about the plight of 54-year-old Bijlee the elephant. She was forced to beg on the streets of Mumbai despite her serious injuries. Her maggot-infested leg wounds made every step torturous. Her owners ignored her condition and continued to work her until she collapsed and eventually died. 

India has strong animal protection laws. Let's get the government to uphold them!

While Bijlee's story was heartbreaking, it has spurred people into action. Local residents have started to complain to the police about other elephants who appear doomed to a similar fate. We now need to ensure that the government takes swift and strong action. India already has strong laws on paper, solet's ensure their implementation is complete by enforcing them.

The solution is simple; mahouts (elephant handlers) should not be allowed to work elephants literally to their death with no consequence. These animals should be allowed to live in the wild where they belong -- not forced to live in the concrete jungles of Mumbai, Chennai or any other metropolis.

Please join your voice to mine and let's urge the Indian government to enforce animal protection laws! 


Thank you for taking action,

Sharanya P.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team c

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"В необходимом — единство, в неизвестном — свобода, во всем — любовь"
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