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December 2012


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Dear Anastasia, 

We are urgently trying to raise funds by Christmas to fill our mobile veterinary unit. Will you please help us reach our goal?

So far, thanks to the generosity of so many animal lovers, we are just over halfway to our goal of the $80,000 that we need to fully outfit and run the mobile veterinary unit.

You can make this holiday dream come true for cats and dogs in the impoverished areas around Playa del Carmen.

Safety, comfort, nourishment, and a loving new home...that is what you can help provide for animals like Missy and Chango.

Missy (pictured above) was one of three kittens born to a feral mum cat in a Playa neighborhood called Lolka Tun. Shortly after they were born, a dog attacked and killed two of the kittens. Luckily a neighbor saw what was happening and bravely jumped in to save Missy and her mum before they were killed too. 

Mum cat is now being looked after by the lady who saved her, and Missy is at our partner Coco's Rescue and Spay/Neuter Clinic awaiting adoption into a loving new home. Will you help fill our mobile vet unit so we can care for animals like Missy?

Chango was only about four months old when he was found drinking water from a dirty puddle on the side of the highway. IFAW rescuers Joaquin and Erika coaxed him to their car and took him home, where the malnourished pup devoured his first bowl of food. They bathed him and laid him down to sleep, but Chango woke up crying from his itchy skin - he had severe mange and skin parasites. 

I'm happy to tell you that Chango is doing much better now, and was adopted by the IFAW rescuers who saved him. Chango and Missy's stories are reasons for hope, but they also show the difficult conditions we face in Playa - and they show how great the need is for a mobile unit to help even more kittens and puppies like Missy and Chango. 

By making a holiday gift for animals, here's how you will help:

  • $43 will help buy a vaccination kit to protect community dogs and cats against deadly rabies, parasites, and other painful and deadly conditions.
  • $57 will help purchase the supplies for our mobile unit for an entire week, protecting and saving so many animals.
  • $75 will help provide the lifesaving surgery for an injured or abused cat or dog. You will help give a precious animal a second chance at life.
  • $230 I know this is a lot to ask, but it's the total cost ofrunning a mobile unit for a day. It provides transport to Coco's clinic, the medicine, the vaccinations, the medical supplies, the veterinarians’ salaries -- even the gas needed to drive the unit to the rural villages.

Please help us reach our goal of $80,000 to help Playa's suffering animals by giving a holiday gift for animals today.

You may be the one that pushes us over the top -- what an amazing gift to give to suffering animals!

Thank you, and happy holidays,

Kate Nattrass Atema Kate Nattrass Atema Signature

Kate Nattrass Atema
IFAW Director Companion Animal Program

p.s. Please give today to help us make a lifesaving difference this Christmas season for animals in Playa del Carmen and around the world.

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Help us fill the mobile vet unit.

  Give today  
Chango before and after

Chango before and now

Chango is now healthy and happy in his forever home. You can help give another suffering animal a happy new life by giving today.


Your gift represents a vital contribution to IFAW's entire mission of saving the world's animals from cruelty and exploitation and will be used where most needed to help ease their suffering.

Worried about Donating online?

I used to be too… so I made sure our online system is safe, secure, and state-of-the-art. It also eliminates check-processing costs, so more money goes directly to saving animals. But if you prefer to donate by phone or mail, simply click here for address information.


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