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защита природы защита природы - There's No Time to Waste
Сегодня - 19 июля 2024, Пятница
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There's No Time to Waste

Have you ever been to the Arctic? It’s one of the last places where you can be completely surrounded by wildlife like whales, birds, seals and walruses. The sheer abundance is astounding! I live and work in the Arctic and am continually inspired and surprised by the amazing beauty and diversity of this region.

But this remote place—where whales migrate from feeding to breeding grounds, and indigenous people depend on nature for survival and their cultural heritage—is threatened.

The sea ice is melting at the top of the world, and I am worried. Temperatures here are warming twice as fast as anywhere else on Earth, bringing countless challenges to species and communities living in this extreme environment.

 I know you care deeply about the natural world, so I’m reaching out to ask you to help WWF protect it for the future.

From the Amazon rain forest to the majestic Himalayas, we work with partners to combat threats, preserve biodiversity and protect habitats around the globe. Your generous donation today will help us continue our critical efforts.

WWF is working to conserve a number of areas that we think of as Arctic Jewels. These are places in the Arctic marine environment that are highly productive and rich in wildlife, and provide sustenance for Arctic coastal communities.

But these areas are threatened by climate change impacts and plans for risky offshore oil development. Across the Arctic, summer sea ice is rapidly disappearing. As you know, sea ice is critical to life at the top of the world, providing a diving platform for walruses, a home for ringed seals and habitat for polar bears.

There's no time to waste.

As the sea ice disappears, there are new opportunities to exploit the region’s abundant natural resources, such as offshore oil and gas. However, tapping offshore oil reserves is fraught with risks. There is no way to contain an oil spill in this remote, extreme environment. Marine wildlife—and the Arctic's entire rich web of life—would be threatened by oil spills.

You can help.

When you make a monthly donation, you are helping to safeguard Arctic marine jewels and other wild places around the world that are in jeopardy.

With your support, we will work with our partners to combat threats and preserve rich biodiversity in the Arctic and around the globe. WWF has the technology, the science, the partnerships and a unique opportunity to safeguard precious species and their habitats.

Please make a monthly donation today and help ensure a future where both nature and people can thrive. We are counting on you.

With deepest gratitude,



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 WWF Russia.

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