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защита природы защита природы - Sweden: Don't Kill Susi the Wolf
Сегодня - 21 февраля 2024, Среда
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Sweden: Don't Kill Susi the Wolf

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Sweden's wolves have been hunted nearly to extinction, but that hasn't stopped the Swedish EPA from authorizing wolf culls even today. Now, conservationists are asking the government to spare the life of one wolf in particular.
Please sign the petition today! Sweden: Don't Kill Susi the Wolf!
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There are only about 270 wolves living in the forests of Sweden. But thanks to pressure from Sweden's sheep ranchers and reindeer herders, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has authorized several "wolf culls," supposedly in an effort to improve population diversity.

This winter, they allowed hunters to kill up to 16 wolves, including a pair that had reportedly migrated to the country from Russia. For one of the pair, it was too late -- he was shot from a helicopter in January. But his packmate, a female wolf that activists have nicknamed "Susi," was able to somehow escape the cull. Now, conservationists are asking the government to spare her life.

Susi isn't just an ordinary wolf, either. The majority of Sweden's wolf population is descended from the same few wolves, meaning that the packs have a serious problem with inbreeding. But Susi is reportedly a Russian wolf with different genes -- meaning it's vitally important that she be allowed to mate with local wolves.

On February 19th, Susi was granted a temporary reprieve. But second requests to shoot her have already been filed with the EPA, and it's only a matter of time before she's in danger again. Care2 member Mats C. started a petition with us asking the government not to kill her. Will you join us?



Thank you for taking action, 

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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