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защита природы защита природы - Tigers Electrocuted to Death to Entertain Businessmen
Сегодня - 22 июня 2024, Суббота
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Tigers Electrocuted to Death to Entertain Businessmen

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Tigers Electrocuted to Death to Entertain Businessmen

More than ten tigers were electrocuted to death to entertain wealthy businessmen in Zhanjiang, China. Demand punishment for these tiger killers.
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Dear Friends, 

At an illegal club, wealthy businessmen and government officials watched while endangered tigers were electrocuted, then butchered and fed to the live audience. Fifteen people have been arrested, but nobody has been punished.

Click here to sign the petition demanding punishment for the people responsible for trafficking and electrocuting these tigers.

These events are called "visual feasts" and the people who attend think that watching the tigers suffer and die is a way to show their social status and power.

After the tigers are killed at the events, they are chopped into pieces and sold on the black market.

China has a long history of animal abuse, but the country is trying to clean up its reputation. Recently, the Chinese government destroyed illegal ivory stores as a show of goodwill. It's up to us to make sure that the government treats these tiger killings just as seriously. 

Tigers are incredibly endangered -- right now, there are only about 3,000 wild tigers left in the entire world. This horrific crime cannot go unpunished.

To protect tigers, the Chinese authorities need to hold everyone involved accountable, including the people who trafficked the tigers into China from Vietnam and the people who bought and sold their remains.

Please take action to demand justice for these murders, before all tigers are gone for good.


Thank you for taking action, 

Kathleen J.
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