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защита природы защита природы - Kittens are sent to "dream boxes" to die
Сегодня - 24 мая 2024, Пятница
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Kittens are sent to "dream boxes" to die

Подпишите петицию - спасите котят!
Japanese Government: Ban Kill Shelters Now!
Sign Now

They're called "dream boxes," but they don't lead to dreams. They lead to death.

Each year in Japan, animal shelters kill tens of thousands of cats and dogs who are either unwanted pets or strays. Many shelters in the country now use special gas chambers that are supposedly a more humane way to euthanize the animals. But these chambers, called "dream boxes," are anything but humane. Sign Fumiko Bullock's petition demanding the Japanese government ban kill shelters!

To euthanize the dogs and cats, the animals are placed inside the chambers and a door is sealed and locked behind them. Staff begin releasing carbon dioxide into the boxes, and the pets slowly suffocate on the poisonous gas. The process sometimes takes as long as fifteen minutes, and witnesses say the animals frequently struggle to free themselves from the boxes before it's too late.

And even though it is already too late for hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs, we still have time to save others.

Fumiko reminds us in her petition that other countries like Germany have adopted no-cull policies at animal shelters. Japan could be the next country to ban animal culling and become a role model for others to follow.

The Japanese government will only listen if hundreds of thousands of us band together to demand an end to these horrible practices. Will you sign Fumiko's petition now and save these stray cats and dogs?


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