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защита природы защита природы - Another sad day for Antarctica
Сегодня - 14 декабря 2019, Суббота
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Another sad day for Antarctica

Russia and Ukraine have blocked the creation of the world

Russia and Ukraine have blocked the creation of the world's largest ocean sanctuaries around Antarctica… again. This has demonstrated their sheer lack of political will to protect the last ocean wilderness on earth.

This comes a mere three months after Russia and Ukraine pulled the rug out from underneath negotiations in Germany. These two states continue to steadily erode the genuine efforts of other countries to protect these waters for future generations.

Unlike Russia and Ukraine, we have the will and determination to keep up the fight to protect these pristine waters and the thousands of species that call it home. We know that you do too. Share the above picture with your friends and family and ask them to Join The Watch today.

There is no doubt the 25 Members of CCAMLR (the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) feel the public pressure and know the world is watching their every move. Because of our campaign, countries like South Korea, Norway and Chile are becoming more and more supportive of Southern Ocean marine protection. Now we need to escalate public support and you are the agents to make this happen.

The two ocean sanctuary proposals that CCAMLR failed to pass were a US and New Zealand proposal for the Ross Sea, known as the most intact marine ecosystem left on earth, and a proposal from Australia, France and the EU for an East Antarctic ocean sanctuary.  

While this is a major disappointment, our hopes remain strong for 2014. Stay tuned.


Steve Campbell, Campaign Director
The AOA Team

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