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подписи/помощь подписи/помощь - You'll Be Disgusted By the "Punishment" These Rapists Received
Сегодня - 14 декабря 2019, Суббота
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You'll Be Disgusted By the "Punishment" These Rapists Received

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action alert!
After a 16-year-old was violently raped in Kenya, the local police sentenced her attackers ... to cut the grass outside of the police station. This is horrifying.
Please sign the petition today!


Punish 16-Year-Old Kenyan's Rapists for Attacking Her

take action

Please sign and share to demand justice for “Liz” who was raped by 16-year old! Liz is a poor young 16 year old teen who was walking home from her granddad’s funeral. She was ambushed by a group of six young men who took turns to brutally rape her and then toss her unconscious body down a deep toilet sewerage pit. Liz was able to pick at least three of the abusers out of a line up. Of course the boys were punished – they had to mow a lawn at the police station and then let go!!! Is this justice??!!!

The rape was so brutal that Liz now requires a wheel chair to get around. When toss in the sewer, her back was broken. She also has internal injuries that cause her to leak urine and stool. She has sustained very severe injuries and the perpetrators are back out on the streets to commit the crimes all over again. The Police Commander Halima Mohamed is investigating into why the officers responded to this case as they did. When the girl was discovered by passersby and brought to her mother, police told the woman to clean up Liz “so that the vital forensic evidence would be destroyed” and not used against the suspects! This is indeed very shocking and unbelievable.

People of Kenya are outraged because these kids and the police who seemed to condone their actions have yet to be brought to justice. The police failed this young girl as they have many other similar cases. Because of the lack of Kenya laws deterring sexual assault and punishing the abusers, the acts continue on a ... more

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